is a website where you can find a lot of reviews of dating platforms and mail order bride sites with single Thai ladies. All content here is created by us — the team of ThaiBrides. Who we are and how do we work? We are people who faced a lot of difficulties when looking for the right dating site for ourselves. That helped us realize that thousands of people face the same problem every day.

That’s how we came up with the idea of creating fair and relevant reviews that would contain all the important information on a dating site’s billing policy, security system, members, profiles, and features, as well as rankings of the best dating platforms. All content that you can find here is aimed at helping you understand if a particular website may work for you personally.

How we earn money

We don’t offer any subscription plan or anything like that — we completely understand that people don’t have to look for dating sites regularly. They usually come to get information about the good sites, choose one, and keep using it until they meet someone. That’s why you can access all the rankings and reviews here for free.

So how do we get paid? There are websites that are promoted on, which means that if someone reads a review or sees the website in the ranking of top niche sites, follows the link, creates an account, tests the services, decides to stay, and makes the first purchase, we get our reward. However, though it may affect our rankings and the way the content is represented here, we also consider plenty of other factors from the site’s billing policy to privacy protection and quality of support when writing our reviews.

How we work on our content

Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to understand if the website is likely to work for you. That is why we collect all the information about the most popular and promising niche websites on the web, join them, test services, and then analyze all the results we get. That allows us to evaluate the overall quality of the website as well as the quality of particular features and compare them with the quality of features on similar dating sites and mail order bride platforms.

Things we pay attention to

There are a lot of aspects that shape our opinion about a particular website. Still, some of them are more important. Here are the things we usually pay most attention to:

  • Popularity. It’s really complicated to evaluate the website’s popularity. Though many platforms provide information on the number of members, it’s not always accurate. That’s why we use services like Ahrefs, Semrush, and SE Ranking to find out how many people are actually using the site.
  • Pricing. We believe that there are good affordable, mid-range, and high-end dating websites. The question is how reasonable prices are. Moreover, there should be no hidden costs, and that’s what we also check.
  • User experience. Design, interface, and overall user experience matter too. You will hardly want to spend a year on a platform that just doesn’t work properly, which is why our designers check all the sites under analysis carefully.
  • Members of the community. People use such websites because of the matches they can meet there. We always look through tons of profiles, use advanced search to understand how young, attractive, and friendly users our readers can meet on the site.
  • Support. We believe that every problem one may face on a dating site must be solved as soon as possible. We always check if the team of the site replies quickly, offers the right solutions, and gives clear and effective instructions.
  • Level of customer satisfaction. We understand that there is always something we can miss and that people may have different opinions about the services. Moreover, we believe that all of them matter, which is why we look for feedback on platforms like Trustpilot, social networks like Facebook or Instagram, and always consider them when deciding if the site is worth 5 stars from our team.

As you can see, we don’t just choose random websites. We don’t recommend the websites we didn’t analyze. We consider a lot of important things and share all our findings with you, in our detailed reviews and rankings of the best websites with Thai girls.