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What Thai Phrases To Say To Impress A Thai Woman

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If you want to attract a Thai lady, you have to know what and how to say to her. Even if you won’t sound like a native speaker, at least you can show her that you strive. Before telling her impressive and romantic things, keep in mind that this culture is modest, so everything you say has to be prudent and said when it’s the right time.

When you date a Thai woman, tell her some nice Thai phrases such as:

1. Say “Khuen-níi khun duu suay mâak“. It means: “You look so beautiful tonight.” This will make her feel special and appreciated by you.

2. “Phom yak rúu-jàk khun mâak-kwàa nîi”. It means “I want to know you more than this.”  This phrase shows her that you want something serious and that you’re fascinated by her and ready to know her better.

3. Say, “Khun pen fu-ying thi suay thi-sut thi fom khery jer maa“. Literally, you’re saying “You are the most beautiful girl that I have ever met.”

4. “Khun pen faen kàp phom dâi mái”, meaning “Can you be my girlfriend?” In Thai language, the issue is first and the question word is always at the end, along with the active verb.

5. “Sway mak or Narak mak.” You say “You’re beautiful” or “You’re cute.” As a response she may say “Pak waan“, meaning “sweet mouth”, so she’ll flirt with you. If she’ll answer “Hob Khun Ka“, it means “Thank you”.

6. “Khun jà yùu nai hua-jai khawng-phom sà-mer.” This says: “You will be in my heart always”, which is very impressive and will amaze her for sure.

7. Faan dee. You’re saying “Sweet dreams“, which is very nice and kind to say to your lady after a great date or even when you’re on the phone before she goes to sleep. Such an attitude of kindness will definitely impress her, so don’t forget to say to her these short, but nice words.

8. Say “Pom rak khun“, meaning “I love you.” This is certainly one of the most impressive things that you can say to her. Thai ladies use these words only when they’re very serious and convinced about that. Thus, she’ll be fascinated and will be floating on air.

The above mentioned Thai phrases are short, but they’re relevant when you want to show a Thai girl that you care about her and that you want to have a romantic relationship with her.

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