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Western Men And Thai Women

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Getting married to a Thai woman after meeting her on online dating websites has become a popular trend in many parts of the world, mainly in the UK, but Norwegian men, for example, reject it somehow.

Nonetheless, in recent years, many marriages between Thai women and men from various parts of the world took place, the couples being happy and successful. The explanation may be that many men marry Thai women for a number of reasons and sometimes such an arrangement is beneficial for both of them. There are especially many Western men that come to Thailand to meet Thai women and get married soon as Thai ladies are more traditional than Western women that they find in their society.

Plus, Thai ladies are also very beautiful, thin, take care of themselves, they are good mothers and wives, so the man who has married them feels very important and this is one of the main reasons why many men look for a Thai bride.

Nevertheless, there are some disadvantages for men as many Thai women believe that such a man is actually a good catch because even poor Western men are actually richer than Thai men. In addition, Western men are perceived by Thai women as being nicer, more educated and also more faithful than Thai men. Thai men don’t settle down even after they get married, having a mistress although now they have a wife and a family. Briefly, Thai ladies like Western men more as they seem to offer what Thai men don’t.

Many Western men come in Thailand to meet a Thai woman, so they sign up with various dating agencies and many of them will soon get married. Usually, they look for a younger and very beautiful wife. Thai women are attracted instead by the social and financial status of a man, mentioning on many dating websites that they look for someone who is nice, gentle, that will take care of them, who has money and also a good job. Even if Thai woman have an appearance of calmness, in reality, many of them have strong personalities, so in many cases, things are different from what they seem to be.

Many men find out that the Thai lady that they got married to is not that obedient girl that they thought she is, so couples have to solve this problem and get to an agreement in advance or their marriage will end. This proves that many Western men are naive if they think that young and nice Thai brides marry them for themselves, so some of them will be disappointed. The best thing they should do is to talk about these problems and get to know each other very well before getting married.

Who can know more about the country and its culture than someone who has lived in it for more than 15 years? Our top author, Ahara Henris, tells her story and explains why she believes that stereotypes are things that prevent people from expanding borders in life and in dating.