Thai Weddings

The Experience Of A British Man

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People tend to think that Thai brides are not as beautiful and happy as this in the picture above. However, real life makes delightful surprises and brings together people who seem to have no connection at all. In the video bellow you can hear the story of a British man who found real love in Thailand with one of the famous Thai brides. He is a regular man and she is an ordinary woman, but they are madly in love and don’t think at all about a break-up. Although people tend to be very judgmental when it comes about Thai brides, the story of these two great  persons demonstrates that true love exists. Watch the interview with the happy couple and the reasons for which they are so crazy about each other against all cultural differences. If you expect to see something out of the ordinary, you will be astonished to see two simple people from two different countries and just this. If you would not be informed that she is a Thai bride and if they would not mention it in the video, you would probably have no clue about this.

The story of this nice Thai woman and this lively British man is wonderful, demonstrating that true love can be found in almost any circumstances.