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Thai Women’s Skin Tone Attracts Western Men

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Thai women are very attractive, having many qualities. Nonetheless, one of their most important thing that makes them special is their skin tone. While Western women work hard to get the same skin tone or at least a similar one, Thai woman look this way naturally, so their skin has a very beautiful colour.

Nonetheless, Thai women have all sort of skin tones, ranging from very dark, almost black, to light, almost white skin tones. Nowadays, the light skin is more desired by your Thai lady. Thais avoid the heat, trying to keep themselves from getting darker skin. There are pharmacies that sell creams promising to lighten your skin and this skin tone is reinforced also by Thai media.

Even so, Western men always look for beautiful girls, no matter which is their skin tone. As Western men usually have a light skin tone, Thai women like them more. Western men look also for darker skin tone Thai ladies because they find them more exotic. Additionally, they like their almond eyes and luxurious hair. And as they like an exotic look and Thai women like a lighter skinned man, there’s no wonder that there are many couples like this.

The initial attraction is almost always very strong, but after the two people know each other better, their love relationship starts to be more profound and they get to know each other better.

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