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They say that many people know when they find the real thing in a relationship however I never felt like that with any of my past relationships. I was always of the opinion that you had to work at making a partnership work by adjusting to each other however this sometimes turns you into someone that you are not. By being true and honest with yourself and to your partner then you are not setting yourself up just to be let down because you are with someone that is not compatible.

I like to think that I am relatively good with the ladies however like I said previously there was never a real spark with any of them. During a time of being single I decided to try the Thai brides’ network to see if love could be found overseas because nothing was working for me here. I signed up and created a profile and only after a short time I received an e-mail from one of the lady members. She said that she liked what she read and wanted to know more about me so I wrote her a letter back to describe me as well as asking her a few question. A while later I received another e-mail, this time from another member who said she was interested too. I liked where this was going so I replied to here too.

After several letters back and forth to some of the ladies that had e-mailed me I decided that it was time to meet one of them via the webcam so that we could talk more freely. It worked out very well; she was very beautiful and captivating and had many interesting things to talk about. By the end of the conversation I began to understand that phrase about knowing who your real love is.

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