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Today was the third anniversary of my Thai wife and my wedding so we celebrated by taking a cruise ship into the Bahamas’. This marriage was made in heaven because I have never been together with a lady that knew what I wanted before I even knew. That may sound a little cliché but the simple fact was she could read me like a book and everything that she planned for me was just brilliant. We travelled whenever we could because I know how much my wife liked to explore and since she was new to America I wanted to show her all the great things about our country. We went to the Grand Canyon, the White House, to the beaches in LA and even to Disneyland in Florida. We even took trips over seas so that we could both see something that we had never seen before together as a couple.

After I asked my Thai bride to marry me we made plans to live in America and start a business of our own. I still work but she runs the business from home and is doing a very decent job of it. Taking care of peoples pets while they were on holiday gave us the freedom to close the business doors when we wanted too and travel on our own little holidays. The whole point to life is to have as much fun as possible before your finished and having my Thai bride by my side was one of the things that made traveling all the more fun and interesting. Take a chance and join this dedicated network partnership website so that you can be as happy as I am and you will see that Thai ladies are some of the nicest ladies you could ever hope to meet.

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