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Thai Brides And Australian Government

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It seems that every year, thousands of Australian men travel to Thailand in order to find a wife. Thus, the number of spousal visa applications to the Australian government has increased by over 50% in the last decade, which is amazing. Many Thai brides emigrate to Australia and now there are 40,000 applications each year.

The number of Thai wives has increased in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide. Nonetheless, there are also problems as some Thai women have come to be exploited by unscrupulous individuals who lured these women into prostitution industry. In this situation, the Australian authorities have responded with upgraded immigration processes, law reinforcement and increased social services.

A recent study in Australia showed that Thai women in Australia are more concerned about the security of their children than that of themselves. They also are confronted with a language barrier and they lack information about their health needs.

Under these circumstances, the Australian authorities have also have also upgraded and streamlined immigration processes to deal with residency applications by Thai women. Under the new Australian residency system, all Thai women who come to Australia as spouses are given two years in which they are expected to live along with their Australian partners. Additionally, during that period the couple has to be tested by special bona fide units set up by the government. Nevertheless, there are still many Australians who marry Thai women and bring them to Australia, so this problem may not solve soon.

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