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Thai Bride Finds Love With Filipino Man

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The examples of Thai women who have been able to find love with men from all over the world are numerous. Here you will find the story of a beautiful couple who is nowadays happily married. Ronaldo “Ronnie” Vergara married Watchareewan “Namfon” Singkaew last year in April. The two are still a happy, in love couple, as Ronnie’s sister shared in her article published by the Inquirer earlier this year.

Ronnie and Namfon first met in 2008. In fact, the two have been introduced by Ronnie’s sister, who traveled to Thailand with work. The woman first met Namfon at a fashion show and she believed that the beautiful girl would make a perfect match with her younger brother. Before meeting Ronnie, Namfon has several times been to the Philippines and made numerous Filipino friends.

Even though at first Namfon protested, claiming that although single, she was not interested in meeting Ronnie, she finally agreed to talk to him. Ronnie was not that pleased with his sister’s idea, either. The man claimed that there were many cultural differences between the two and such a relationship would never work. At the insistences of his sister, Ronnie agreed and talked to the Thai girl. Since 2008, the two have spoken via email, getting to know each other.

At first, the two just talked, nothing serious. However in 2011, the pair met in person for the first time. It surely was love, as the romance blossomed since that very moment. Soon after that, the couple wedded. And they definitely are an amazingly beautiful couple.

The wedding of Ronnie and his Thai bride was a small event, so only close friends and relatives were invited. The bride’s family arrived from Bangkok for the wedding, too. It was a dream wedding that took place in Manila.

Despite of the distance and the fact that Ronnie and his Thai lady only met in person about 3 years after first starting to talk on the Internet, they found true love. The two managed to overpass all the individual and cultural differences between them and their life together is like a fairytale.

This is just another example on how a man managed to find a unique happiness with a Thai girl. Men from all around the world can be just as happy as Ronnie is to find the love of their life with a beautiful Thai woman.

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