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Man Waits Long Time To Be With His Thai Wife

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Thai women are amazing girls who can make any man happy. Men from all over the world search for these girls and are willing to wed them. Thai women are beautiful, smart, exotic and really good persons. They are faithful companions that will remain by your side for the rest of time. If you found a great Thai girl, stick to her. At least this is what a man from Gainsborough did.

Norman Robbins lives in Gainsborough, England. He and his Thai wife met online, the two falling in love with each other. Norman Robbins and Wilawan Rodpathom actually met on an online dating website earlier this year. In June 2012, Norman made the decision that all he wanted was to share the rest of his life with the loved woman, so he traveled to Bangkok and married Wilawan.

Unfortunately the love story did not continue with Norman and Wilawan coming to live together in Gainsborough. Due to the Visa rules established by the UK Borders Agency, it could take between two and five years until Wilawan will be able to come in Gainsborough. Even though the two are married, Norman and his Thai wife cannot be together.

Norman says that all he wants is to be with Wilawan, just as any other man and wife. Norman also claims that he understands the importance of Visa rules, but they should not prohibit him and his new wife from being together. According to Norman their marriage is real and Wilawan is actually willing to open a business in the English town.

“Wilawan is a very well educated woman who speaks and writes in great English,” Norman explained according to Worksop Guardian. “She wouldn’t be coming over here to sponge off the system because she’s a trained occupational therapist,” he added. As Wilawan will open a medical massage salon, she would actually contribute to the local economy, Norman said.

Unfortunately, the couple will not be together for Wilawan’s birthday either. The Thai lady will turn 50 this year, but Norman will not be with her to celebrate the event. The man said that traveling to Bangkok is very expensive and he cannot get the needed time off from work.

The whole story is very impressive. “We love each other and just want to be together — it’s just frustrating for us both that it’s taking so long,” Norman declared. Unfortunately, there is nothing this couple can do to be together sooner. The laws are clear and they apply to everyone.

Regardless of the fact that Norman and Wilawan cannot be together, the two love each other very much and are willing to do anything to find their way to one another. This is just one example of a couple who found love on online dating sites. Many man are just as happy as Norman to be married to a beautiful Thai wife.

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