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I visited 4 potential Thai brides

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It took me around 10 to 12 months to find the girl I really wanted to spend the rest of my life with online which in a way is quite remarkable. Considering I am 42 years old and had never been able to hold a good strong relationship with any of the girls I had met in Arizona or any other American state, city or town. It is not that I don’t try to get along but often o find myself getting bored of the same old routine after a few months of interaction. I figure that people are all roughly the same, just trying to make it through life without getting into too much trouble or getting hurt by other. I was the same and just like everyone else I had a hope and a dream for a little more to life.

Within the first month of joining the Thai brides network I had gone to Thailand to visit with the first girl that I thought had potential in respects of being a potential mate or life partner. But chatting online and chatting in person was a completely different story in the end. She seemed really shy which put me off straight away because I like a girl who can speak what she feels without being obnoxious or rude. About 3 months later I went back again after searching for cheap flights and accommodation online. The frequent traveling was not going to be a problem because I worked for myself from home and did not have to rely on an outside income. The second girl I met through Thai brides was a character indeed but she had no passion to work and did not seem to know what she wanted from life. So that relationship did not go very far either but we stayed friends and traveled around together for those few weeks. I also ran into another girl I had been chatting to for a few days but again the chemistry did not work for me so we went our separate ways.

It was about nine months later that I had been talking to my current wife and we had been getting on like a house on fire for several months. It was time for another holiday but this time I encouraged her to meet me in London where I could do a bit of business and write it off as a business expense. She did not mind and was very interested in the recycling part f my business so we had a lot to talk about too which kept us busy during our time together. IT worked out well and I was sad to see her fly home without me but we saw each other many times again and eventually we were married in Thailand under the moonlight beach sky in the summer of 2008.

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