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How To Attract A Thai Woman

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Many Western men have tried several times to ask out and to seduce Thai women, but they have been politely refused. If you have the same problem, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up. Instead, read the following recommendations and you will be able to seduce Thai girls:

  1. Appraise yourself before coming to Thailand, so think if you are wealthy, charming or a good conversationalist.
  2. Know the “gate keepers”, meaning that you have to make female friends that will give you access to more Thai women than you can imagine. You should do that because Thai girls tend to walk in groups, so these “gate keepers” will introduce you to their friends.
  3. Usually, Thai women are attracted by men that treat them like gentlemen, but who are also somehow, mischevious bad boys.
  4. Don’t complain too much about your problems and don’t be over-sensitive because Thai women look for a protector and a decision-maker, not someone who isn’t in control of his emotions.
  5. Be well-educated because Thai women appreciate education and wisdom. You should also talk with them about your pursuits and passions. This helps you make a Thai woman understand that she will be a well-rounded person if she will have a relationship with you.
  6. Prove her that you know a few things about her country, religion and culture. You may also learn to cook her favourite ethnic meals, which is very also very important if you want to seduce her.
  7. Get her to chat with you on a webcam as soon as possible. If she doesn’t have a computer, in Thailand are many Internet cafes.
  8. Don’t give the impression that you are just playing and that you are a “playboy”. Thai women like to know that there is at least a chance of you getting serious with them.
  9. Learn how to read the signals if a Thai girl likes you. If not, you will miss out so many chances. Asian men don’t treat their women so nice as Western men treat Western women, so Thai women don’t consider themselves so beautiful and special. But if you will communicate her that she is totally unique and special to you, be sure that she will like it a lot.
  10. Take care and love Thai women. They will appreciate it and will love you back. Give the Thai girl you want to attract your complete attention and make her feel special.

Additionally, don’t forget to put yourself in her shoes. This is the best way to understand her and to attract a Thai girl and, who knows, maybe you will have a beautiful and long-term love relationship.