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General Information On Arranged Thai Marriages

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Marriage is the fundamental institution of a society and it is a contract signed for life between two people who respect and love one another. However, in most Asian countries, such as Thailand, love is not a decisive factor in choosing a future husband. Parents often think about providing their children with more than they had and thus resort to arranged marriages. Traditionally these types of marriage are determined almost exclusively by the parents, and the recipient has little or nothing to say about their future spouse. Arranged marriages occur within ethnic, cultural, or religious groups residing in these areas that have traditionally practiced the custom of pre-established unions.

Purpose of Arranged Marriages

There are a few decisive factors when it comes to this type of marriage. In Eastern cultures, this is something normal. Here are a few of main features and purpose of pre-arranged unions:

  • The main reasons pertain to tradition. In areas or groups in which this is a long standing convention, most of the present generations are still continuing this practice.
  • Since parents are the ones arranging the marriage, they put their children’s welfare above everything. In many cases, this security includes seeking an appropriate mate.
  • Arranged marriages may be used as a very practical solution in countries where dating and courtship are either prohibited or discouraged.
  • Parents also resort to arranged marriages in order to provide their children and ultimately themselves a better financial status. The family of the bride provides the groom with a certain amount of monetary or other monetary goods of their daughter.

Controversy Around Arranged Marriage

As with any marriage related subject, there are few controversies that have sprung out over the years. Sociologists have different opinions on this matter. Some say that marriage should be carried out by people who love each other, others claim that this type of union is actually beneficial to conserving the tradition, culture, and ethnicity of a certain group. Thailand makes no exception from this rule. Many Thai families push their children to this lifestyle.

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Legal Requirements for Thai Arranged Marriages

Western men are in a continuous search for a Thai bride. Nevertheless, there are a couple of legal requirements that any Western man needs to abide by.

The first step for having a successful wedding in Thailand is to ensure the ceremony is legal. Couples will also need valid passports as well as their birth certificates to present to the appropriate officials. If the bride is younger than 21, then she needs a parental letter of consent. Once the authorisation is approved, the authenticated paperwork must be presented at the local district office. As a matter of course, documents must be translated between the couple’s native language and Thai.

Main Benefits of Arranged Marriages

Parents who choose this type of marriage have in mind some of the main advantages:

  • Since everything is arranged, many people feel that marriage will be harmonious than choosing randomly based on emotion.
  • Those who will have their marriages arranged are free from the stress and pressure of finding a spouse, allowing them to concentrate on their studies or careers.
  • Supporters of arranged marriages believe that such marriages reflect a mature relationship driven by a mutual sharing of lie rather than often fluctuation feelings. There is also less likely to be family conflict, as the family approves of the spouse.

Despite the measures of a family to find a suitable and compatible spouse, there is actually no guarantee that the couple will end up loving each other or even liking each other. There are additional concerns regarding fixed marriages that pertain to human rights issues, female subjugation and domestic violence, which may occur if the woman refuses or argues with the choice of spouse.

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