Planning Thai Weddings

Choosing A Wedding Venue

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A love story is many times followed by a wedding, which represents the beginning of a new life for both bride and groom who from that point represent a unique family in the eyes of those who love them and of the society in which they live in. All this is true and simple to say, but when it comes about the wedding, the future bride may become a bridezilla and the future groom may be overwhelmed by all that he is expected to do. This is why, when planning a wedding a lot of organization is needed. Especially when the bride is Thai and guests may have doubts in what concerns the wedding.

The best advice for Thai brides is to ignore those who are mean and to take the best decision for a beautiful ceremony and a great wedding party. One of the most important details for the celebration of such an occasion as the wedding is the venue. Thai brides have to pay a lot of attention when choosing the wedding venue to make sure all the guests will feel just fine and will manage to befriend, even if they come from two very different cultures. To help Thai brides plan the wedding easy-breezy and find the best venue, we have some advice.

Make Your Guest List and Establish a Budget

You may be surprised to find that planning a budget is not the first thing to do before hunting the perfect venue. Actually the guest list is the first when a mix-wedding is planned. This way, you will know exactly how many guests you will have and how many does the groom have. Moreover, the budget will be closer to reality like this. Establishing the budget first is utopian, because you will keep adding on the guest list and the spending will be greater than you wanted. Keep it real and know how many guest you each have. This way, you will also decide for the type of venue easier..

Decide What Kind of Ceremony You Will Have

It’s up to both of you to decide if you want a traditional Thai ceremony or a classic ceremony where you can skip all the Thai customs. If heritage is important to you, make it like in Thailand, no matter where you will host the wedding, but if you want to embrace something new, choose a white wedding dress and start thinking about decorating a regular venue in a simple manner.

Inside or Outside?

Think about how do you envision your wedding to be: do you want a closed space where your guest may be kept together at least by the limits of the room  or do you want to have it in the middle of nature, in a place where people will feel free and possibly more communicative and open to meet others? Both choices are great, but don’t forget to check the weather forecast and to make sure that if something suddenly happen you will all have where to move with the whole wedding party, if you opt for an outdoor venue.

These may be details you didn’t considered to have a major importance in selecting the venue. You need to know who will be there for you in your big day, how much do you afford to spend, how do you want it to be and in what kind of place. All the other details, like the flowers you want to have in the venue, the colors and the decorations can be established after. Fix the main problems first and then go out and about to find the perfect venue for one out the most beautiful days of your life.

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